The LIC Pedals Rangemaster is based upon the Dallas Range Master Treble Booster, but with a few extras. The original version was designed as a stand alone unit, and had very hi cutting sound, because at the time, guitar amps were very dark sounding. Still it was responsible for many of the Classic Rock sounds we have all grown up with and love. It was used by everyone from Eric Clapton, on the Beano album, to all the early Black Sabbath and Queen albums and of course Marc Bolan from T-Rex. The original had its limitations, the first being it was a stand alone unit and tented to be very noisy. My version is in a small pedal format and uses all heavy duty shielded wiring, so it is noise free. What the Rangemaster gives you that no Tube Screamer type pedal can give you is a completely complex harmonic content with beautiful hi end.

The Rangemaster also has added output and has more then enough bass built into it to get you into the Tony Iommi/Black Sabbath tone all by itself. These pedals are meant to be put in front of an amplifier that is already being pushed hard. Once you stomp on the pedal you will get a ton of added gain, but most importantly the complex harmonic overtones that can only come from a Germanium transistor. No op amp chip can give you this. The reason ther is no second tone knob or LED or 9 volt adapter, is because I have found all these extras to suck away tone. All you need is a $1 Carbon Zinc battrey and it will last you over a year, if not more.

The pedal is built using nothing but the best NOS parts, Mullard OC44 Germanium Transistor, Tropical Fish Capacitors, Carling Foot switch, shielded wire throughout and much more. The pedal is currently being used by Ace Fehley, Todd Youth, Dregen from the Hellacopters, Barnyard babies and Micheal Monroe’s band, Ric Nielsen from Cheap Trick, Dave Goodison from Gin Wigemore to name a few.